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About the Matamoras Rod and Gun Club


Our Affiliations

NRA Affiliated Club

Pike County Federation
of Sportsmen’s Clubs

Pennsylvania Federation
of Sportsmen’s Clubs

Pennsylvania Rifle & Pistol
Association affiliated club

Single Action Shooting Society

Who We Are

The Matamoras Rod & Gun Club, located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, is an organization whose main goal is to encourage social relationships among its membership, promote the sports of hunting, fishing, target practice, shooting and engage in conservation programs and practices and to generally foster the enjoyment of outdoor life. Our members are also strong supporters of the Second Amendment.

The primary responsibility of the Board is to secure, promote and enhance the Club for the betterment of its members. Decisions made regarding Club activities, educational offerings, training and other events must reflect the interests of our members. The decisions regarding Club operations, such as ways to pursue revenue, funds spent for capital investments and operational expenses.. must always be conducted with a fiduciary responsibility to the individual member.

Our secondary responsibility is to the community at large. The Matamoras Rod and Gun Club is committed to promoting the safe and knowledgeable use of firearms within our community. Providing range access and instruction to groups such as Law Enforcement, 4-H, Boy and Girl Scouts, as well as Hunter’s Education and women’s shooting programs are just a few of the ways we satisfy our commitment to the community.

Funds to operate and improve the range comes from membership fees, match fees, grants, donations and labor provided by general members, board members and even folks and organizations that are not club members but who have an interest in firearms and shooting.

Where We Are