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About Us & Mission

Who We Are

The Matamoras Rod & Gun Club, located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, is an organization whose main goal is to encourage social relationships among its membership, promote the sports of hunting, fishing, target practice, shooting and engage in conservation programs and practices and to generally foster the enjoyment of outdoor life. Our members are also strong supporters of the Second Amendment.

The primary responsibility of the Board is to secure, promote and enhance the Club for the betterment of its members. Decisions made regarding Club activities, educational offerings, training and other events must reflect the interests of our members. The decisions regarding Club operations, such as ways to pursue revenue, funds spent for capital investments and operational expenses.. must always be conducted with a fiduciary responsibility to the individual member.

Our secondary responsibility is to the community at large. The Matamoras Rod and Gun Club is committed to promoting the safe and knowledgeable use of firearms within our community. Providing range access and instruction to groups such as Law Enforcement, 4-H, Boy and Girl Scouts, as well as Hunter’s Education and women’s shooting programs are just a few of the ways we satisfy our commitment to the community.

Funds to operate and improve the range comes from membership fees, match fees, grants, donations and labor provided by general members, board members and even folks and organizations that are not club members but who have an interest in firearms and shooting.

History of the Club

Established in 1919 and formally incorporated on October 14, 1929, the Matamoras Rod & Gun Club promotes hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation while conserving wildlife. Throughout its history, the club has expanded its land holdings to preserve natural habitats.

In the 1930s, shooting matches were held in the garage of Matamoras Borough Hall. In 1941, the club acquired 41 acres, including a log cabin and farmhouse, still in use today. In the 1960s, it played a pivotal role in founding the Pike County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs and initiating the Youth Conservation School for local students.

In 2000, the club purchased 99 additional acres, becoming a "share club" with 100 shareholders each owning 1%. Over the next decade, it acquired one-acre lots to enhance safety around shooting ranges. Today, the original log cabin serves as a venue for meetings, dinners, and educational classes.

The club's facilities include a kitchen, restrooms, pavilion, barbecue pit, shooting sheds, and storage buildings. Members enjoy various shooting ranges, including 25 yd., 50 yd., 100 yd., 200 yd., shotgun patterning, and trap ranges, as well as spaces for special events.

convenient amenities

Facilities & Fields

Our club members make use of the original log cabin, serving as a venue for monthly meetings, dinners, and educational classes. The grounds feature essential amenities like a kitchen, restroom facilities, a covered pavilion, a chicken barbecue pit, shooting sheds, and storage buildings. Shooters can enjoy multiple ranges, including 25 yd., 50 yd., 100 yd., 200 yd., shotgun patterning, and trap ranges. Additionally, we have five dedicated ranges for special events, providing versatile shooting opportunities for our members.

5 Stand Trap Range
25 Yard Range
50 Yard Range
100 Yard Range
Aux Trap
Trap House
Special Event Berms/200yd Range
Shotgun Patterning Area
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Current Affairs

Events & News

2024 Events at a Glance

Club Meeting

SEP 3 (Tue)
OCT 6 (Sun)

Work Days

APR 13
JUL 11

Wednesday Night Trap

APR 17
MAY 15
JUN 19
JUL 17, 31
AUG 21, 28
SEP 18

Junior and Senior Trap


Int. Sporting Clays

MAY 14
JUN 11
AUG 13
SEP 10

Chicken BBQ


Cowboy Action

MAY 12
JUL 12-14
AUG 11
OCT 13

Action Pistol

APR 21
MAY 19
JUN 16
JUL 21
AUG 18
SEP 15
OCT 20

Steel Challenge

APR 28
MAY 26
JUN 23
JUL 28
AUG 25
SEP 22
OCT 27


SEP 10

Women On Target

SEP 21

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* All events subject to reschedule or cancellation. Changes, additions will be sent via email.
* Additional work days will be announced as needed.

Chicken BBQ

The Matamoras Rod and Gun Club invites the community to their Chicken BBQ and Trap Shoot every year, around the beginning of August. Families come to enjoy the BBQ and participate in the trap shooting event.


The Matamoras Rod and Gun Club proudly offers two scholarships valued at $1000 each. These scholarships are available to students pursuing higher education at a 2-year, 4-year, or accredited technical school, regardless of their chosen field of study. While all applicants are eligible, preference will be given to those with an interest in criminal justice, police work, or environmental studies. Candidates are required to write an essay discussing their experiences and interests in outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, shooting sports, archery, scouting, hiking, as well as any involvement in relevant high school clubs. Additionally, applicants are encouraged to share their commitment to environmental stewardship and their perspectives on the significance of conservation for wildlife, the environment, and our role within it. Furthermore, candidates are asked to express their thoughts on the Constitution, with a focus on the First and Second Amendments and their personal interpretation and importance.

2024 recipients, Emma Allen and Brody Smith, presented by Joe Caporusso.

In 2021, the scholarship recipients were Amy Carpenter and Lucas Helms, with Lucas taking the opportunity to visit the Matamoras Rod & Gun Club in June of that year to personally express his gratitude for the scholarship.

In celebration of the life of...

Ray Wagner
Passed April, 2024
Richard Treacy
Passed December 26, 2022
Peter Brickner
Passed December 20, 2021
Robert G. Gallagher
Passed December 10, 2015
Richard D. Campbell
Passed May 22, 2019
Gregory Francis Farrington
Passed April 27, 2019
Daniel A. Lawless
Passed October 31, 2021
Ignatius "John" Sybrandy
Passed July 6, 2017
Joseph N. Estok
Passed January 19, 2022
Bernie Sheeran
Passed January 14, 2022


Disciplines & Actions

Experience the thrill of shooting sports with our exciting lineup of events. Dive into the Wild West at our Cowboy Action Shooting matches, where you'll channel your inner cowboy or cowgirl with single-action firearms. Test your speed and precision in the fast-paced Action Pistol Matches, pushing your shooting skills to the limit. Engage in the adrenaline-fueled Steel Challenge Matches, where you'll face off against steel targets in various configurations. Join us on Wednesday nights for Trap Shoots, where clay targets take flight and your shotgun skills are put to the test. Get ready for heart-pounding action, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments in these thrilling shooting events.

Cowboy Action Shooting

We are a Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) club affiliated with SASS and NRA. Join us on the second Sunday of each month, April onwards, for our shoots. Expect around 30-40 shooters. Registration starts at 8:30 AM, followed by a safety meeting at 9:30 AM. Shooting begins at 10 AM until approximately 3 PM. Bring extra ammo. Registration fee: $15, Young Guns: $5, Buckaroos and El Patrons/Patroness: FREE. Everyone is welcome to our open events. Enjoy the camaraderie and leave your worries behind. Eye and ear protection required. SASS rules apply. 13th year and counting—let's make it a success together!

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Action Pistol Matches

Action Pistol is a handgun shooting sport that combines speed with precision. Unlike many other fast-paced shooting sports, Action Pistol features a fixed course of fire with a number of designated events. Because each event uses a fixed time, your points are your score. Though there are many courses of fire in the sport, the most popular are the Practical, Barricade, Falling Plate, and Moving Target Events. These 4 events make up the most well-known Action Pistol match.

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Steel Challenge Matches

The Steel Challenge is a speed shooting competition governed by the Steel Challenge Shooting Association(SCSA) that consists of eight standardized stages with steel targets in three sizes; small circular, large circular and rectangular targets. Competitors are scored solely by the time it takes them to complete each stage, and the match winner is the competitor with the lowest overall time.

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Wednesday Night Trap Shoots

Members and their guests get together for a round of trap Wednesday nights from April to August. Trapshooting is a specific form of clay target shooting where the clay “birds” always originate from a single location or “trap”. This gives an element of predictability that makes this game inviting to beginners as well! Accuracy and skill are required to aim, fire and break the 4.25-inch disc flying through the air at over 40mph- simulating the flight path of a bird fleeing a hunter.

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Skill Enhancement

Education & Training

Junior / Intermediate / Senior trapshoots

The Matamoras Rod and Gun Club conducts special Junior/intermediate/Senior trapshoots where the public may bring their children or other youth to the club to enjoy the sport of trapshooting. Expert instructors and range officers are on hand to provide a safe and educational environment for the "junior" as well as any inexperienced "seniors". (Note: Seniors must be at least 21 years of age.)


J.A.K.E.S. (Juniors Acquiring Knowledge, Ethics and Sportsmanship) The Lenni-Lenape Branch of the Nation Wild Turkey Federation have held their annual J.A.K.E.S. Day at the Matamoras Rod and Gun Club. NWTF chapters provide youth ages 12 and younger, chances to explore their outdoor world through fun events that help pass on the traditions of responsible hunting, teach the principles of habitat management, hunting ethics and safety.


Women On Target provides instructional shooting clinics for women interested in recreational shooting and hunting, prioritizing safety with certified NRA Range Safety Officers. Attendees, many new to firearms, receive individual attention to build confidence and skills. Despite initial hesitation, participants often leave eager for more shooting opportunities.

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